THROUGH FAITH, FITNESS, & FOOD I love vacationing in Martha's Vineyard; it is the one place that I can relax and where every day feels easy like Sunday Morning. The only downside is the five pounds that I bring back with me from too many lobsters, libations & back door donuts. So when I returned home on Sunday, I had a bad case of the vacation blues, I felt bloated, tired, and out of sorts. So I decided to do a quick detox! At first, it was about only losing five-plus pounds, but I quickly realized that I needed to get my whole life back on track through Faith, Fitness, and Food! So my goal is to become my BEST SELF, by my next Birthday OCTOBER 23RD! FAITH- Get in the Word & Meditate Anytime I start anything, God must be a part of it, and getting healthy is no exception. To keep away from bread, gummi bears and begin living the #JLO best life, I will be mediating not just in the morning, but every time I feel tempted to eat something that is unhealthy or overeat! According to scientist the influences on appetite are called