TRAFFIC starts second phase of illegal timber reduction project
The& bsp;seco d phase& bsp;of& bsp;TRAFFIC’s& bsp;project& bsp;to reduce illegal timber i Cameroo , the Republic of Co go, Viet am, a d Chi a& bsp;kicked& bsp;off& bsp;i March i Ha oi. This project& bsp;aims to address the impact of& bsp;a& bsp;growi g& bsp;co sumer dema d for tropical timber i East Asia,& bsp;a d to reduce illegal timber exports.& bsp;It focuses o rei forci g Chi ese& bsp;a d& bsp;Europea & bsp;gover me ts a d i dustry commitme ts to e sure timber procureme t is legal a d sustai able.& bsp; Chi [...]