NHL Lockout: Who is the Real Villain? | When in Doubt, Glass and Out
Depending on who you are and how you look at it, the 2012 NHL Lockout is chalk full of storylines, complete with villains, victims and seemingly no real end in sight. The one thing that every great story has, that this drawn-out saga is missing, is a bona fide hero and a happy ending. Before a true hero can emerge, we need to figure out who the real villain is in all of this pandemonium. Is it Gary Bettman, who for years has been the target of public ire and the face of debilitating NHL lockouts in 1994 and 2005? Is it the players and their lust for lucrative assurances to play what is essentially a kid's game? Or does the blame fall upon the fans, who continue to shell out colossal amounts on tickets, concessions, and memorabilia, basically funding and encouraging skyrocketing contracts and ticket prices? Is there one true villain in this struggle to restore order or is it a combination of ignorance, greed and gullibility? Let's examine villain candidate number one: Mr. Gary