Sunset on Pilgrim | Ghost Bear
For us, the Grand Tetons are the most spectacular mountain range on the continent, with the dramatic peaks rising from the sagebrush-covered valley bottom. There are endless possibilities for photographing them. But as with many iconic vistas, the struggle is to find a unique perspective to capture the Tetons, one that isn't a carbon copy of the millions of images that have already been taken by other photographers. In this pursuit, on my Birthday in 2014, I decided to take a walk down (rather than up) Pilgrim Creek. I stopped at the base of this tree, admiring its beauty, the painted sky and Mount Moran in the distance. I wasn't quite sure if it would translate into an image, but it was one of those perfect moments I had to attempt to capture. Turns out the shot worked and I finally had my unique photo of the majestic Tetons.