System Toolkit 2.0.12 Free Download for mac | GetinMac
The System Toolkit is an all-in-one information and maintenance app designed for macOS. Information: • System Information Keep track of all your system loads. This includes CPU load, memory usage, network speeds and -traffic and the open network connections. All information can be shown in both the menu bar extra and the overlay window. Use the Dashboard to take a look at the most important parameters. • Menu Bar Extra You can add as many menu bar widgets as you like. Every menu bar widget can be configured to show information. • Info Panel The info panel shows the most important information in a separate window. • Overlay Window The overlay window always stays on top of other windows. So even if you have a fullscreen app running, you can use the overlay window to keep track of your system. Just like the menu bar widgets, the overlay window can be configured to show any system information – including hardware sensor data. • Hardware Sensors* Keep an eye on all the hardware sensor data.