Product Review: Hasbro/Zynga's Words with Friends - GeekMom
The game I wanted to try more than any of the others was Words with Friends because...well, let's be honest! It's just a spin on Scrabble, right? I'm not going to mince words here...and I'm not afraid to say it because Hasbro makes both games! When my family tried out Words with Friends this week, we really did set both games side by side and compared the two. Let me give you the "BLUF" (military speak for "Bottom Line Up Front"). BLUF: Words with Friends is a fun family board game that will make a great addition to your board game collection this holiday season. But I caveat this by saying that if you already own Scrabble, you'll find that a board game version of Words with Friends is extremely similar and probably redundant for your collection.