Light Novel Top Posts And News (Week 16, 2019) | Geek Astronaut
Okayyy so I work at a public library and nobody here even knows what anime or manga are, let alone LNs. So, i mayyy have taken the liberty of ordering a maybe just so tiny MASSIVE shipment of LNs. The first ones arrived today and so i thought y'all might be interested. (source) New release Light Novel mail today! (source) Re:Zero Ex 3: The Love Ballad of Sword of Devil released by Yen Press! (source) [Art] Lena Bathing LN Illustration (86 - Eighty Six -) (source) Classroom of the Elite Vol.11 - May 25th 2019 (source) Since y'all have been posting your collections, i decided to post mine(started in august) (source)