Light Novel Top Posts And News (Week 13, 2019) | Geek Astronaut
Top Image Posts Goblin Slayer Custom Swap by Noboru Kannatsuki(Illustrator of Goblin Slayer) (source) A Sister's All You Need Vo.12,April 18 2019 (source) My first light novel, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, just arrived from to Romania in 16 days (12 business days)! Read the first 2 chapters and I love it already! (source) Collection coming along, I'm a weeb lmao (source) My Haruhi light novel collection! (source) Top News Posts Oregairu volume 14 has been delayed yet again (source) [News] Penguin Highway Giveaway from r/LightNovels Ascendance of a Bookworm getting a Print Release starting September from r/LightNovels [News] Strongest Gamer: Let's Play in Another World Volume 2 comes out April 12th from r/LightNovels [News] Battle Divas Volume 2 comes out April 12th from r/LightNovels Top Discussion Posts [DISC] Nihonkoku Shoukan (Summoning Japan) Chapter 33 (ENG translation) from r/LightNovels [DISC] Tsukumodo Antique Shop Volume 6, Prologue and Chapter 1