Light Novel Top Posts And News (Week 12, 2019) | Geek Astronaut
Top Image Posts Finished rearranging my bookshelf from r/LightNovels Been trying to order this for MONTHS now, and Barnes and Noble finally got about 30 back in stock. Jumped on it as soon as I saw it! (source) New Release Light Novel mail! (source) Some older LNs that I've picked up thru the years (source) A few of my older LightNovels. (source) Top News Posts After publishing for 8 whole years, the final volume of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, volume 20 just released today. This marks the end of an era as the series finally comes to an end. from r/LightNovels [News] Come back this afternoon for some exciting new announcements from Yen Press! 🎉 from r/LightNovels [News] Re:Zero Gets A 2nd Season Anime Adaptation from r/LightNovels [News] A Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga (novel) from r/LightNovels [News] World's Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country & Dungeon Seekers (novel) from r/LightNovels Top Discussion Posts [DISC] Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament Volume 22