First Impressions: My Roommate is a Cat | Geek Astronaut
I usually don't watch anime that features almost male characters only, bu My Roommate is a Cat got me interested because of two reasons: the guy is a writer and, it's about him and his cat I just finished the first episode and enjoyed the slow pacing and the focus on the main character's writing and his relationship with the cat. The episode overall was cute, and there was a bit of humor, although sadly it didn't land for me. I was thinking about dropping it, but then it changed the point-of-view for the cat, which was different and got my attention. I guess I'll give it a chance and watch another episode next week and see how it goes. The addition of a female character might improve its score for me a bit, and the changing PoV may also be nice. I hope we have more cute moments of him and the cat, and that they use more the cat's perspective Status: Watching for now - May drop later Trailer and Synopsis