2019 Ram 3500 Can Do Anything You Want | Gaywheels
"What am I going to do with that," I ask while looking at the 2019 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab…with four-wheel-drive, dual rear wheels, and long box? "Anything you want," was my co-worker's response! "Yeah, but that barn-sized truck won't even fit in my driveway," I replied. "It's not for decorating your driveway," snarked Mr. Smarty Pants. True that! The big Ram certainly looks like it can do anything with its big chrome grille, step down front fenders, long body, and bulging dually fenders. Being a Laramie edition, there's more chrome and Light Mountain Brown exterior paint, but all Rams look the part of an over-the-road hoss. Power running boards keep the look clean while LED adaptive lighting brightly bends corners. Beneath the truck's immense size, 17" wheels look like dimes. Put your boot on the power running board and heave up inside to find a cabin worthy of a private jet. It's pretty posh with a theme I'd label "Texas chic" given premium leather, real