2019 Audi S5 Cruises Like A Comfy Missile | Gaywheels
I fly way too much, but sometimes the destination can be reached by car - preferably a very fast and comfortable one. It's a great challenge. Which car to drive? A large luxury SUV would be great, but they're not fun fast. A sports car is fast, but not very comfortable. Coupes can be comfy and fast, but aren't very practical. So, I settled for a top flight "five door coupe". The 2019 Audi S5 Sportback was absolutely the right choice for a several-hour Interstate bonsai run from Indianapolis, Indiana to Fort Wayne, Indiana and back. It looks the part. That big Audi grille, flanked by gleaming LED headlamps, flows back into neatly sculpted fenders filled with 19" alloy wheels. Red brake calipers add some glam. The side view is where the S5 Sportback separates from the coupe and sedan. A steeply raked rear roofline is pretty sexy – as is the wide rear facia topped by a thin lip spoiler. It's like the Autobahn was diffused into a car. I doubt anybody will complain about