Green Lighting Your Drive | Gaywheels
What if you knew whether the next traffic light was green or red? How can you make sure you can make all of your traffic lights safely? As an outgrowth of driver assistance technology is another layer of safety that will enable drivers to know what the next traffic light will be and how safely to approach it. On the forefront of this technology is Audi through a new feature called Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory. This feature works with another feature called Traffic Light Information. Using the vehicle's 4G LTE connection, the next traffic light can be read and displayed on a screen inside the instrument panel. If it displays that the next traffic light is green, additional information is displayed to tell you the speed in which you can safely approach the traffic signal. That speed will help you get through a green light, as well as minimizing red light stops towards reducing stress upon the driver. This technology works both ways, as the traffic light information must