Don't Fly Over Iowa…Drive Into It! | Gaywheels
There are those who believe that by flying over the state of Iowa – you are not missing anything. Those people are incorrect. Why? Iowa has a lot of offer for LGBT tourists. Sometimes, we often think of places like Iowa as unwelcoming and indifferent to us. That is where your perceptions may be challenged. Iowa can be the most progressive of states. There are places where we can be ourselves and no one would dare to cause us emotional or physical harm. Yet, the state can be quite conservative, and caution is heeded in places where things might not be comfortable for us. Like we said, Iowa can welcome us with open arms. There are communities that truly do exactly that. Communities, such as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City, and a few other small towns love to open up their doors and roll out the welcome mat for LGBT visitors. What you will find in these communities is a wide range of friendly accommodations, restaurants, places in mingle, and maybe some