Many Ways To Be Charmed In Baltimore | Gaywheels
Baltimore is simply more than just John Waters and his film legacy. Although, that is how we LGBT folks associate the city with Waters, Divine, and the trailerload of camp that went along with it. The city has plenty of history, for which Waters, Divine, and company are definitely a part of. It has a deeper history that goes back centuries predating the Revolutionary War and through many wars fought on this soil. That element is why some travelers come to the old port city known for its "charm." It is also the home of Gothic literature, thanks to Edgar Allan Poe's association with the city. It was also the place where Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star-Spangled Banner" – our national anthem. It seems apropos that this old port city had a history of creativity and inspiration that continues today. Yet, this city has been transforming and evolving. Baltimore wants to shake its image as depicted in television shows such as "The Wire" and "Homicide: Life on The Street." If you ask