2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Looks Fab In Dark Highland Green | Gaywheels
A Millennial co-worker of mine saw the Mustang Bullitt sitting in the carpark and said, "I'd buy it if it was blue." Blasphemy! Young man, step back! There is only one color for the Bullitt and that's Dark Highland Green metallic. Ford also offers it in Shadow Black, and I must admit it looks slick, but that kind of transgression is an entirely different sin. Green is holy in this annals of speed. My young friend apparently has never seen the 1968 flick Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen, in which a custom Mustang leads one of the most iconic chase scenes ever put in a movie, out-pacing a Dodge Charger while jumping and sliding through the streets of San Francisco. I told him to go rent it and quit talking to me until he has. The Mustang in Bullitt is, of course, green! At least he appreciated the styling. I love how the front fender recedes into the bodyside, then kicks up again into the rear fender, connecting to the original. The fastback roofline and rear window trim gives a