2019 Brings Final Edition Of VW Beetle | Gaywheels
It's a sad day. This is likely my last review of a Volkswagen Beetle – mainly because the Volkswagen Beetle will be discontinued after 2019. It's an especially sad day because I have very fond memories of the car. I've of course driven many over the years, but I remember riding in the back of my uncle's orange Beetle in the '70s. I was at the unveiling of the New Beetle in 1998 and owned a 2005 edition for six years. But, the car we have here may be my favorite of the bunch. You're looking at the 2019 VW Beetle Final Edition, which is a fancy way of saying the Beetle is going out in a fancy way. The shape defines iconic, essentially the same for eighty years, but it's quite snazzy in its final form. LED driving lights, 18" white disc alloy wheels, and rear spoiler distinguish it. Of course, the bug eye headlamps, horseshoe taillamps, bulging fenders, and gently curved beltline remain. A beige canvas top contrasts with metallic paint. Classy. Click open the door and scoot inside