2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch Has A Bottle Rocket In Its Pocket | Gaywheels
Toyota has always built great cars, but they've rarely been engaging, stylish, and a hoot to wail down the road. High quality? Yes! Fun to drive? No, not really. The Supra and Celica have been exceptions, and so was the Scion iM - a Corolla hatchback disguised as a member of Toyota's youth brand. Back for a second generation as a proper Toyota, the Corolla Hatch XSE is ready to slap fun-loving drivers down the road. I'd definitely get it in Blue Flame paint so there's no doubt other drivers will see you, but that's only eye-popping icing on a stylish cake. The sleek hatchback body starts with squinty headlamps, morphs into curvy flanks with sharp creases, and ends in a rounded rump with over-sized spoiler. Adaptive LED headlamps up front and LEDs in the rear illuminate the journey. It's a pretty sporty-looking ride given how practical it is. Opening the door reveals the Corolla's inner Lexus. I just drove the UX200 and the Corolla gives up little posh or tech in its