2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF: This Sportster may cause a riff in your marriage | Gaywheels
Just to be clear, this is the car your BETTER half advises you not to get. It's small: there are only two seats, and they are cramped. There is barely enough room for your thoughts; just look at that trunk, or whatever that cubbyhole is. And while doing the daily tasks that come along every day for that one time you said, "I do", the bumps and dips of everyday sinkholes will be felt as you go slow through those construction zones of married life. But who cares? This classic Miata is fun! Starting at 'just' $25,730, this year's Miata is a blast for anyone who can afford it and lives in a climate where the weather is only occasionally adverse. Well, yeah, there are two more important considerations: One: Make sure you have another car. Don't make the Miata your primary car, even if you are a carefree kid with nowhere to go, no bills to pay and no future. Trust me, one day you will need to transport something, and that may