2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Is A Turbocharged Parade Of Style | Gaywheels
You can't look in two directions without seeing another mid-size crossover, so why would Hyundai think it can make a dent in the segment? What can it contribute? Well, since its beginning, the Santa Fe has been known for pushing boundaries in style among normally conservative colleagues while delivering a value-focused price and enjoyable driving experience. The redesigned 2019 edition is no different. It's a turbocharged parade of style that happens to be built in America. Designers clearly had a meeting of minds when they sculpted the Santa Fe and its more luxurious and larger sibling, the Palisade. Both look like they should rest in Genesis showrooms with their LED exterior lighting, squinty headlamps, large grille, neat creases, and liberal use of chrome. It's all placed over 19" wheels in Ultimate trim. Interiors are equally exquisite with their brown quilted leather seats with copper stitching, perfectly sized leather-wrapped steering wheel, and roof upholstery that looks