2019 Ford F-150 Limited: Navigator's Soul, Raptor's Heart | Gaywheels
What makes a luxury truck? Is it a glitzy exterior? Coddling interior? Or, is it the capability to go or tow almost anything? While the name of Ford's ultimate luxury pickup implies limits, you'll be hard-pressed to find them. From style and luxury fit for a luxury SUV to a powertrain cribbed from the almighty Raptor pickup, the Ford F-150 Limited defines luxury in the pickup segment. From the White Platinum Metallic Paint to its shiny 22" wheels, the F-150 Limited looks luxurious. Satin finish on the chrome-surrounded grille adds panache – as do LED headlamps and bed lighting. Power retractable running boards and tailgate step that hides in the tailgate edge welcome occupants to the front cabin and rear bed. The rest of it is pure F-150 from the step-down side windowline, long Crew Cab, and high bed – all ready for moving people and their stuff. Step inside and you'll feel a big Lincoln hug. Stitched dash and console coverings, genuine wood accents, and soft leather seats are