Our Own "Green Book" | Gaywheels
If you watched the Academy Awards recently, you saw that "Green Book" won Best Picture. For some critics, it was a stunning surprise. But, for supporters of the film, it was a well-deserved Oscar. The movie was based on the story of Don Shirley, a jazz and classical pianist who was driven by his bodyguard Tony "Lip" Vallelonga through the Deep South in the 1960s. To ensure a smooth passage for Shirley during his tour, these gentlemen had to use the "Green Book" – also known as The Negro Motorist Green-Book - to find accommodations, restaurants, even safe places to go for African-American travelers. Being not of this country's status quo, travel can be challenging. Even in our recent past, we had to find our way to know where to go that would welcome us. We all faced discrimination because we wanted to visit somewhere and someone decided to send us away from our dream locale. In the years after Stonewall, LGBT travelers were in a similar bind as our African-American brothers