2019 VW GTI Flies Like A Rabbit | Gaywheels
A rabbit is a rascally creature, able to accelerate, turn, jump, and cuddle its bunnies virtually simultaneously. It can park its tail almost anywhere, bulks up for winter, and really enjoys summers when it can run free with abandon. Back in the 1970s, Volkswagen had a hopped up Rabbit that it showed getting air in a famous add with the line, "Fly GTI." The spirit of the creature, and the car, shine in the 2019 VW GTI Rabbit edition. Exterior styling of the GTI channels the original Giugiaro-designed Rabbit's two-box shape that makes it roomy in the front and roomy under the hatch. It's obviously been streamlined over the decades, but looks especially fetching with the Rabbit Edition's 18" gloss black wheels, rear spoiler, black mirror caps, and gray paint. It looks swell in blue too. GTI badges and red striping in the grille connect to the original. GTI-specific bumpers, ground effects, red brake calipers, and dual chrome tipped exhaust outlets add sizzle; LED adaptive headlamps,