2019 Volvo S60 R-Design Sports Out America | Gaywheels
If it's a Volvo, it's safe. That's a given, but Volvos often looked like the cargo containers in which they crossed over from Sweden. Well, Volvos no longer look like boring boxes…and not all come from Sweden. Want proof? Check out the 2019 S60 T6 R-Design with its sporty style. You won't believe where it's built. Take a look. The big grille with Volvo logo hung on the cross slash is recognizable, but the squinty headlamps and "Thor's Hammer" driving lights take it forward. R-Design front splitter and ground effects add spice. Moving to the side, 19" wheels fill muscular fenders topped by Volvo's traditional strong shoulderlines that are more dynamic and precisely stamped. A semi-formal rear windowline, C-shaped taillamps, twin exhaust outlets, and integrated decklid spoiler ramp up the drama. Keep in mind this car has up-level R-Design trim, but the interior is pretty sweet. Nothing feels cheap. Aluminum trim on the dash and console feels exquisite, as do stitched materials on the