2019 MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 (PHEV): What a Blast! | Gaywheels
I will admit, I thoroughly enjoyed driving the 2019 MINI Cooper Countryman, as evidenced by all the snow and dirt on the car in the photos here. This is one of those smallish cars this is like your teacup pet that thinks it's a Doberman, the one that perks up at your command and doesn't back off until you to tell it to do so. Just like that teacup chihuahua, the Countryman dances around other cars with ease and doesn't hesitate to get you through a tight spot and out the other end. That power, especially on the highway, is impressive, or, well, maybe I'm just easily impressed. But let's face it: this 2019 winter here in the States has been brutal, and this year's Cooper Countryman has done swimmingly all the way around. It's small and agile and yet there is quite a bit of room inside for friends, family and feast. This is actually now a midsized car, which is a bit unusual for a MINI. Starting at $37,750, this hybrid version