2019 Ram Longhorn Is All About The Key Fob | Gaywheels
All you need to know about the 2019 Ram 1500 Longhorn Crew Cab can be derived from its key fob. It's a robust and functional piece of engineering, but adorned with a glimmer of faded gold around its edges. It tells people your ride can get the job done, but is just a little bit more special than others. Take a drive and you'll know it's considerably more special than others. Stylists gave the big truck a sleek body adorned with adaptive LED headlamps and shiny chrome grille with RAM emblazoned across. If you looked underneath, you'd see an air dam that lowers at speed to improve aerodynamics. The Longhorn's fashion show continues with specific 20" wheels, two-tone paint, and beefy fender flares. Our crew cab is 4" longer than previously to greatly increase rear seat legroom. Chrome hood vents could double as a ranch owners belt buckles. Let's call the interior "Texas chic". Anodized gold accents the dash and instrument cluster – looking fresh alongside branded wood trim,