2019 Ford Edge ST Is A Better Taurus SHO | Gaywheels
Ford had a really good idea back in 1989. It commissioned Yamaha to conjure a high-revving V6 engine for what became the Taurus SHO, a sport sedan that could take the family to church, and afterwards, kick dad and mom into twisty two-lane backroads for a very spirited Sunday drive. Through generations, the SHO gained a bigger V6, small V8, and finally, a twin-turbo V6 in today's iteration. Well, sedans are quickly going out in favor of crossovers. No worries because Ford is already building a better SHO, the 2019 Ford Edge ST. Except for packing a manual transmission, the Edge ST is everything that won the SHO accolades plus so much more. It's sleek, stylish, handles well, flies down the highway, and carries up to five passengers and their stuff while doing it. ST editions flaunt their sportiness with a wide mesh grille to optimize engine cooling, deep side skirts, and dual-exhaust outlets. Black 21" alloy wheels with red brake calipers are available. Full LED lighting gives the ST a