Lambda Car Club Remains Strong Among LGBT Enthusiasts | Gaywheels
For as long as we loved the automobile, there is a place for us. That place is called the Lambda Car Club International. What the Lambda Car Club International does is to connect its members across the USA and internationally for their love of the automobile. There are 32 active regions across this country, with over 1,800 members. LCCI states that you do not need to own a car to become a member, but to have a love for the automobile and be social with other LGBT people that also share the same love for them. The club began in 1981 when an enthusiast named John Ball placed an ad in Hemmings Motor News asking to see if there are other LGBT enthusiasts out there. The aim was to set up a meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania for these enthusiasts. What began as the "The Gay Old Car Owners Society" would soon evolve into the Lambda Car Club. It grew organically through the Northeastern USA, expanding eventually out to Indiana, Chicago, and Detroit soon after. By the 1990s, LCCI grew further west