Are You Really Ready for Winter? | Gaywheels
It is no wonder why we love to live in or visit places, such as Palm Springs and South Florida, during the winter. Half of the nation gets to deal with snow, ice, sleet, and colder temperatures. We either love it or hate it. Others love the fantasy of "walking in a winter wonderland." For those of us who are exposed to the snow, ice, and cold, we are often provided with images of our vehicles in this kind of weather. But, we also know that we need to maintain our vehicles through this time of year. Ask yourselves a question: Is your beloved vehicle ready for winter? Now, ask yourselves another question: What do you do to get your vehicle ready for the snow, ice, and cold? Here are some tips to get through this and every winter… DO A CHECK-UP ON YOUR VEHICLE: This is important, so your vehicle can get through each winter to ensure that key components can survive the temperature and moisture changes in the atmosphere. Belts, hoses, and windshield wipers are key items to check, as rubber