2019 Subaru Forester Owners Get What They Want | Gaywheels
Subaru owners have no problem telling their favorite automaker what they like and dislike. I'm guessing they had a few thoughts about the Forester during its redesign. They likely told designers not to stray too far from a shape that's worked for several generations. Update the infotainment system and elevate interior luxury. Go ahead and further refine the powertrain and chassis. And absolutely, keep it affordable. That's exactly what happened with the redesigned 2019 Subaru Forester. There's more body and hood sculpting, but the Forester's familiar upright command-of-the-trail presence remains. It's more Land Rover than cute-ute. Our Limited grade model illuminates the road with LED headlamps and extra silverwork around the body to put a shine on it. The overall theme looks like a smaller version of the new full-size Ascent crossover, looking smart on 18" wheels and with ample 8.7" of ground clearance for real off-roading. Designers gave it a significant facelift without losing the