2018 Hyundai Genesis G80 is a double-take | Gaywheels
Don't think anyone would argue with the fact that Hyundai has undoubtedly turned the corner with their quality vehicles. The chuckles have been laid to rest as the Korean automaker continues to impress the masses with their premium products such as the company's double-take, the 2018 Genesis G80. Athletic, elegant, with stylish lines, long hood and striking signature front grille, and an almost fastback roofline, the G80 has all of the perfect components that give it a Euro-esque look. The five-seater exudes prestige, and its interior qualities confirm the vehicle's luxurious aspirations. Hyundai has paid obvious attention to the fit and finish inside its Genesis which incorporates a neat array of top-notch materials. The sedan's overall roomy cabin has a clean design with soft touches everywhere; there is nothing overdone. The G80's three levels of heated/ventilated seats are plush and long-haul comfy. Taller passengers will never grimace while sitting in the rear of the sedan