That's So Gay: Yes, Mary, the 2018 Ford Expedition is Big and it's Beautiful! | Gaywheels
Leading the pack in the Best Large SUV categorythis year is the 2018 Ford Expedition, according to U.S. News and World Report I like what they have to say because they aren't just speaking their minds, they are compiling the opinions from top journalists from the around the web. I think it's a sign of great journalism when you are confident enough in your own work that you can quote someone else's work as example of how good work is done (which is why I have my own team of experts, which includes USNAWR). If they feel it's a great car, I feel it's a great car, but admittedly, the 2018 Ford Expedition really is a great truck, even though it really is an SUV. But let me frank, the Ford Expedition is a big big big vehicle. This is not a petite flower, no matter how you slice it, and if you think you can handle it and take it all in one shot, you are seriously mistaken. Even after years of practice, I still must do a warmup, build up my confidence, get myself psyched and then turnover