Finding Your LGBT Automotive Tribe On a Sunday Drive | Gaywheels
How do we fulfill our enthusiasm for the automobile? There are really two choices. One, you can work on your vehicle for it to "strike a pose" at the local car meet or on the car show circuit. Or, just drive the vehicle you love. Automobiles are meant to be driven, right? That is what they have been made for. It makes sense to enjoy it while discovering new roads or revisiting familiar ones on a nice, leisurely drive. There are further choices to make here. You can either go on a solo cruise with some destination in mind. Or, get a group of your friends and their rides – and go for a cruise together. This past weekend, I participated in the latter. I did so with some fellow LGBT enthusiasts. Sounds like a splendid time, right? It has been one of my quests to connect with other LGBT automotive enthusiasts whether through established clubs and events or in informal settings. This cruise was organized by a group of local enthusiasts who wanted to close out the "car year" here in Minnesota