2018 Hyundai Kona Is A Slick Little City Surfer | Gaywheels
If Hyundai really wants a piece of the sub-compact crossover segment, it better come ready to throw down amongst about a billion competitors. Some boring little two-box aberration won't do. It would need stand-out style, ample performance, and a cozy little interior. Go ahead and name it after some tropical paradise, too. No doubt, the 2018 Kona is a slick little city surfer. Nothing in its class will be mistaken for the Kona, given its squinty LED driving lamps over cleverly disguised headlamps below. A large chrome-ringed grille plants a kiss between the arrays of light. Gray cladding that wraps from the wheelwell lips into lamps front and rear, plus additional strips along the lower bodysides, over-promise off-road capability. Dress it any way you want, but the Kona is really just a tall hatchback. A body color rear spoiler, 17" alloy wheels, and elegant body sculpting add upscale style. You won't mistake it in a crowd. I'm a sucker for hound's-tooth upholstery, preferably in a