Car maintenance 101: The oil change | Gaywheels
One day you'll be driving along and see the maintenance reminder light up on your dashboard, or maybe you'll glimpse the little sticker in the corner of your windshield. Either way, you know that it's time to get your oil changed. This simple act of maintenance is crucial to keep your car running on all cylinders. Oil doesn't just lubricate your engine, it also cleans, cools, and protects all the moving parts within the engine. Having good, clean oil in your car means that those parts can move freely and work as intended. On the other hand, if neglected, engine oil can build up a sludge that makes it harder for the engine to function, which can ultimately cause the engine to fail. For those of us who can swing a wrench, oil changes are easy to do on our own. If you're less mechanically inclined, though, there plenty of places to get your oil changed, like quick and convenient oil change facilities, independent and chain shops, and of course your local dealership. Having a trained