Toyota will offer electric versions of all Lexus and Toyota models by 2025 | Gaywheels
Despite one world leader's absurd denial of climate science, many countries and CEOs are preparing for a kinder, gentler, emissions-free future. In fact, much of Planet Earth's business community sees the green revolution as an opportunity to make big, green bucks. Among those businesses is Toyota, which has become known for eco-friendly automobiles thanks largely to the popularity of the Prius. (Fun fact: the Honda Insight hybrid technically beat the Prius to market, but sadly, it never really caught on.) Today, Toyota announced plans to supercharge its electric lineup over the coming decade, including a goal of offering fully or partially electric versions of every Toyota and Lexus model. Here's the complete press release: Toyota City, Japan, December 18, 2017―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces today its plans toward the popularization of electrified vehicles for the decade 2020-2030. Toyota's electrified vehicle strategy centers on a significant acceleration in the