GM takes on smartphones (again): Marketplace lets you order food, reserve tables, pay for gas from your dashboard | Gaywheels
For decades, automakers assumed that they were in control of our dashboards. Then, smartphones arrived. Unlike aftermarket stereos and other devices that had nibbled away at car companies' bottom lines for decades, smartphones presented a major opportunity for money-making--one that left automakers out in the cold. The situation worsened with the arrival of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which turned dashboards into robust vehicles (literally) for e-commerce and, or course, advertising. So far, car companies have had a tough time convincing drivers to set aside their phones and use factory-built infotainment systems. Maybe that's because early systems from Ford and others were terrible, or maybe it's because few offered motorists a means of buying coffee on the go. At least that's what GM is hoping as it rolls out its new, in-dash Marketplace, which allows drivers to pay for gas, reserve tables and more. Here's the good stuff from GM's press release: Starting today, General Motors Co