2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is like a red dress | Gaywheels
There's nothing wrong with owning a Mercedes E-Class sedan. They're very respectable, undeniably responsible luxury cars for the respectable and undeniably responsible. But, chop off two doors, lower the roofline and suddenly you're wearing a red dress. Since the 1970s, E-Class coupes have been some of the most desirable and timeless cars to dance out of Germany. The 2018 E400 is especially ravishing. As in the 1980s and early 90s, during Mercedes' golden era, designers are reducing bodylines and rendering simpler, more sensual forms. As the E-Coupe moves from C- to E-Class architecture, stylists could lengthen it physically, but also visually with a low star-strewn grille, long hood with Gullwing-derived power domes, and an elongated roofline. A wide curvaceous rump, taillights that echo the exhaust of a fighter jet, and 19" AMG wheels accentuate the positive. Cribbing the big S-Class, the E400 embraces horizontal themes for the dashboard. Mercedes' "widescreen cockpit" centers on