2017 Land Rover Discovery: This is indeed the lap of luxury | Gaywheels
Every now and then, someone scrappy like me (think Kat Dennings on 2 Broke Girl$) gets past all the security and the bouncers and momentarily enjoys a life dripping with elegance and money. Sure, the sash is shabby, the shoes and my soul are scuffed and worn, but I still get to parade in style and get some fancy chicken on a stick to eat while I parade. And when I do, woohoo, look out, drive-thru window at Long John Silvers. The classy people at Land Rover saw fit to loan me a 2017 Discovery to test and enjoy, and boy, did I enjoy it. Luxury abounds, inside and out of this elegant gem. Spotlights light up when you approach it after dark. The interior glows like a fantasy fiction command craft. Word on the street and at the country club is that the 2017 Discovery can handle any road, any time. And you can still entertain backseat passengers with television screens just like you used to get in first class on United Airlines. All this dripping status starts at $50,000, which is cheaper