2016 Nissan Titan XD: An all-new truck perfect for your all-inclusive world | Gaywheels
Pride is not just a celebration for you June bugs anymore. Still to come in 2016 is Pride in Austin, Dallas and Atlanta. (Leave it to the gays to heat things up just as the weather starts to cool down in these hot cities.) For those of you who need a reliable truck to be as hard working as you butch types are, and want a truck that you can lend to your favorite Gay Pride contingent so they will really get noticed, this year's Nissan Titan XD could be the dream date you hoped you would find before your free three-month membership expires. The all-new 2016 Nissan Titan is a big improvement over the Titan from 2015. It's bulkier, it's bigger and can now tow more than 8,500 pounds, putting it at the high-end of towing capacity in the large truck category. That's a lot of bears. That's a lot of queens. That's a lot of hauling ass – and accessories, equipment (i.e. helium tanks, coffee tanks, bubble machines) and early-morning carbs. I was the designated driver this summer for