2006 Isuzu i-Series Pickup | Gaywheels
Fleetwood Brougham Long known for its rugged SUVs, Isuzu is readying its new pickup for the U.S. market. Named the i-280 and i-350, the new trucks share much in common with their counterparts at GM, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. While at first glance it may appear Isuzu's trucks are simply renamed GM clones, the three pickups were actually developed jointly, with Isuzu leading the design team. The first product of this union was the Isuzu D-Max, a turbodiesel truck launched in Thailand as a 2002 model. In 2003, GM added its own line of engines and transmissions to the D-Max platform and introduced the truck in America under the names Colorado and Canyon. Confused? So are a lot of people, and it only gets better. Isuzu will introduce its pickup to the U.S. using an engine and transmission supplied by GM. The i-Series trucks will be built at GM's Shreveport, Louisiana plant and be sold exclusively by Isuzu dealers. For the record, this type of collaboration is not