2006 Chevrolet HHR Preview | Gaywheels
By Joe Thewall What's old is new again at Chevrolet. Their designers went back to the 1946 Suburban, dubbed the original utility vehicle, to get inspiration for Chevy's newest trucklet – the HHR. Clearly aimed at the successful Chrysler PT Cruiser, the HHR is a retro-styled compact utility vehicle that offers versatility, style and driving pleasure in a unique package. The interior flips, folds, slides and hides in more ways than a drag queen at a beauty pageant. Starts at $15,990 for the base LS with 143 HP 4-cyliner up to $18,790 for LT with the 172 HP 4-cylinder engine. We hope to have a full review of the HHR up soon. Likes · Love it or hate it styling · High quality interior · Unique and easy-to-read instrument panel · Versatility · Fun to drive Dislikes · Love it or hate it styling · Very short front windshield · Big gold Chevy emblem