Ruthless: Legends of the Black Flag Review | Gameosity
You might think that piracy is all about looting treasure or amassing the toughest, roughest crew, but in Ruthless, the truth of the matter is that your goal is to become the most notorious pirate around! looting treasure and amassing the toughest, roughest crew around, of course. Starting with nothing more than some powder monkeys and a handful of doubloons, your task in this deck building game is to build up your crew, form raiding parties, and carry home all the riches you can plunder! In Ruthless, each player's ship is represented by their deck of crew & treasure cards, and at the start of the round, players will draw themselves a hand of 5 cards. Then, each player will take turns playing cards until none are left in their hand. Jess: This is a departure from a lot of deckbuilding games, where you play as many cards as you can, dump the rest, and redraw immediately. Ruthless is a surprisingly short game, only lasting 5 or 6 rounds, so every card play can make a