Matryoshka Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
According to Wikipedia, the first Matryoshka, or Russian nesting doll, was carved in 1890. Nearly 130 years later, Leitman Games is poised to bring a card game of the same name to the American game market with its live Kickstarter campaign. With attractive artwork, clean and abstract gameplay, and a few really unique twists on hand management and card trading, Matryoshka is more 'game' than it might first appear - unsurprising, given the dolls upon which the theme is based. Gameosity was provided with a preview copy of Matryoshka for the purposes of this article, with the option of requesting a copy after the campaign. We were not otherwise compensated. All images are either of that preview copy or from the Kickstarter campaign. Matryoshka is, simply, a beautifully illustrated game. The artwork used to depict the dolls is awash in vivid colors an a unique aesthetic that makes it pleasing on the table. As players contemplate their trades and assemble their sets, there is this