Kingdom Run Review | Gameosity
I enjoy a lot of the family-friendly games we play, since many modern titles are designed to be accessible to everyone while still being engaging enough for adults to enjoy alongside younger players. And in this regard, Kingdom Run does not disappoint. Designed by Eric Claverie and published Ankama Games, Kingdom Run is set in the land of Ewala, where every 100 years the king organizes a race between the various clans. The clans send forth their four best athletes to run the race, because whoever wins will have the honor of choosing the new king. Andrew: Not necessarily the most logical way to elect your monarch, but at least we put on a good show! The game board is made up of modular tiles, so your race tracks can vary from game to game, but you must always have the start and finish boards must be at the opposite ends of the track and the race must include three lakes. Jess: This adds some variety to the game, but as a bonus it also means that the game fits into a small, portable