Oceans Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
Up on Kickstarter right now, Oceans from North Star Games is the latest mutation of their much-beloved Evolution series. But is this also the greatest? Well, come with us as we plumb the depths of this new standalone entry into one of our favorite franchises - here's our preview of Oceans! Gameosity received a prototype of Oceans. We were not compensated for this preview. All images are either of that prototype or from the Oceans Kickstarter. Andrew: Now, right up front, I just want to say this - while we do talk about how Oceans relates to other games in the Evolution series, I want to be clear on two major points: Oceans is mechanically unique from any previous iteration of Evolution - it's not a reskin at all, and provides a very different core gameplay feel You don't need to have any familiarity with the other games in the series to enjoy Oceans Cool? Cool. Ok, back to the preview thing! In Oceans, much like the other games in the Evolution line, your goal is to be the