When a Kickstarter Turns Trashfire: The Story Behind Games Factory | Gameosity
There are plenty of reasons a Kickstarter might be delayed, or possibly even not deliver in the long run; issues with design, problems with printing, disruptions to shipping, just to name a few. However, in the case of Solar City: a solarpunk game things stumbled into the criminal. In the summer of 2017, Games Factory (Polish publisher of Star Realms, Project Gaia, and Kingdomino) successfully Kickstarted the sci-fi city-building game Solar City. Excited backers raised over $60,000 (4 times the project's funding goal), and were eagerly awaited their finished copies that were due to ship in October of 2018...only 3 months after the campaign ended. The timeline appeared extremely ambitious (delivery timelines for games can span from months to even years), but Games Factory assured its backers that the design and art were already complete and ready to send to the printer - all that was necessary, they said, was the actual financial capital to have the game itself produced.Designed by