Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 4/5/19 | Gameosity
Jess: Each week I scour Kickstarter for the most exciting, entertaining, or oddball Kickstarters I can find and list them off here for your convenience! What caught my eye this week? Let's find out! Endangered Endangered is a modular, cooperative game where the players are trying to save endangered animals. You'll need to work together to convince UN Ambassadors to pass a resolution to protect the animals and their environment. If you can get 4 ambassadors to vote yes, you win! Players will be able to take on the roles of Zoologist, Philanthropist, TV Wildlife Host, Lobbyist, or Environmental Lawyer; each of which has their own unique abilities. Each turn, players will roll dice and use them to active action cards. Once actions are taken, pairs of animals have a chance to mate and destruction tiles will be added to the board. Do your best to save the animals and make a good impact on the environment. I love games that can double as educational as well as fun and Endangered packs a