Cursed Court Review | Gameosity
In Cursed Court, players will take on the roles of minor nobles in the titular court, all vying to increase their influence by trying to predict which of the greater nobles will come into power during the year. But all that, much like Cursed Court's aesthetic, are pretty set dressing for what is really an abstract deduction and betting game of limited resources and best bets. Gameplay in Cursed Court takes place over a series of 3 rounds, called years, and each year is played over the course (you guessed it) 4 seasons, with each player taking a turn per season. On your turn, you will use one of your crowns to wager on either a specific noble or set of nobles which you believe will have influence over the court at the end of the year. Wagers are placed by adding your crown, along with a pile of coins, to the space on the board that indicates which noble(s) you're backing. Andrew: Now, the logic behind where you might wager is based on what makes Cursed Court such a fun, thinky game.