Trellis Review | Gameosity
Trellis lets me live out my dreams of having a garden of flowering vines without all the fuss and dirt. As tile-laying games go, Trellis is fairly simple to learn, but there's definitely some strategy behind the gameplay. I have a small balcony off my apartment that gets just enough sun that I delude myself into believing I can grow a lush garden. Every year I try, and every year I fail to take into account my lack of a green thumb. Thus the only plants I really manage to grow are in board games. Andrew: Hey, you grew some great jalapenos once. Jess: And how many pots of tomatoes had to die for those jalapenos to flourish? Andrew: ...Worth it. The goal of Trellis is to be the first player to place all of your 15 flower meeples (I shall call them fleeples). Players start the game with a hand of 3 hex tiles, and on your turn you will plant a tile, claim a vine, claim gifts, and draw back up to 3 tiles. Planting a tile is pretty easy - all you've got to do is select one of your tiles